animationEdinburghDo you know… why there was a lake in what today is Princes Street Gardens? Who was the first King of United Kingdom? What has happen in the Edinburgh Castle? Or what monument is called “Scotland’s disgrace”?

Travel through time and get to know Edinburgh through the historical maps. Use GPS and walk the old maps to discover the secrets, legends, characters and stories from different eras of Edinburgh, The Stuart’s, The Union of the Crowns, the Scottish Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution in Scotland or XXI century Edinburgh.

Find out how the city has evolved, where missing buildings were and how others have changed. With hundreds of illustrations of yesterday and today and dozens of interesting stories divided into years and categories about Edinburgh.

Discover the secret Edinburgh and understand why it is World Heritage.

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  • 1567
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  • 1780
  • 1880
  • Today

The Stuart’s era

The Stuarts had been the kings of Scotland from 1371, now, in the 16th century, they find themselves in a crossroad.  They have to choose between deciding in which part they have to be in the Protestant Movement which affects the North of Europe. To rule or to keep their convictions? Such is the crossroad for Mary Queen of Scots, a problem that costed her head.

Map by David Atkinson

The Union of the Crowns

The 16th century was full of conflicts between England and Scotland. The reason: Charles I wanted to impose his authority but against it in Edinburgh The Covenaters will sign the Scottish National Covenant, a deal between Scotland and God against the king. A good reason to start a war.

Map by James Gordon of Rothiemay.

Scottish Enlightenment

With the creation of the United Kingdom in 1707, the conflicts between Scotland and England finished, there is no more fear to the old enemy. Edinburgh can spread and it will. The high classes will abandon the Old Town and they will create a New Town. For these reason, Edinburgh grows such as never did it before.

Map by John Ainslie.

Industrial Revolution in Scotland

With the Scottish aristocrats in London, Edinburgh will be for bourgeoisie, the middle-class. From the New Town, philosophers, scientists and intellectuals will enlighten with their knowledge, not only Great Britain but also Europe. As a consequence, Edinburgh will be an intellectual focus and the second city in the United Kingdom.

Our Days

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